MWL-150 Mutiny vs pamela the Black Tiger FULL VIDEO

150FULL VIDEO Part 1 : In this part, pamela is in control, she is playing with me, and Im her victim. Even if I dont want to lose or give up, she makes it impossible for me to tolerate the pain…we are both wearing sexy one piece swimsuits… Part 2 : It gets even more intense, but this time, im back in the game. Im applying some very good and tight holds on her, such as scissors and triangle chokes, but shes fighting hard…she doesnt want to quit at all. Shes very proud, and shes making me work hard…I got her good on the triangle choke and I really thought she would pass out…sadly, she didnt… Part 3 :I guess she didnt like my confidance in the second part of the match and she made me pay for it…she is applying holds on me that I dont even know…and I never been stuck in some of those. It was hard for me to understand what was going on…but I was her toy, and she was enjoying playing with me…She took total control over me, and then, she left me there, and did some muscle poses for the camera…it didnt take long and I woke up, but she was still smiling, overconfident…Ill get her..Ill get her… This video was in Mutiny’s videostore, be careful not to buy it twice
Length: 11 minutes
Available on CLIPS4SALE

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