Fighter of the week!!! NAJA!

1267955_575806492479188_1232895996_oAge : 18

Height :5’5

Weight : 120lbs

Available for custom videos : YES

Specialties : Wrestling/ grappling, semi comp, competitive.

Naja started to wrestle a few months ago and she’s already wrestling the tops female wrestler in Montreal! She had many victories and a few losses, but she’s still getting better and she wants to be the best out there! She wants to win, she’s a 100% competitive and her skills are improving every fight!
She was also willing to fight in chocolate and oil last week end which surprised everyone there! She’s more of an aggressive fighter, and we never thought we would see her in that type of match! She did great! and the video will be available soon!

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New Website!

419079_409682362424936_871292702_nHi fighting fans!

This is the new website. You can change your bookmark, the new url is (the other URL will still work if you use it).

This is the SAME great action, same competitive fights, pro style and lift and carry. There will be a members site and a place where you’ll find all the videos to buy.

We are NOT changing our style. It will still be competition between fitness girls, muscular girls, bodybuilders, etc.

You wil lhave access to all the videos we did in the last 10 years or so. Most of the videos were never released!

We have matches like ZIGGY vs FRANCE HUDON that nobody ever saw!

They will all be on sale in a videostore.

In two weeks or so, the website should be up and running!!!